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Supported by. Пейсмейкеры бегут с заданным темпом и помогают участникам финишировать с запланированным временем. Please throw the empty cups to the bins provided or to the side of the road — do not drop them on the road in front of you where they can be hazardous to runners behind you.

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Москва, ул. Время необходимое на марафоне. Note: some roads access may be restricted. Medical Certificate Form.

1. Барто» для учащихся классов.

2. Присоединитесь к команде, которая помогает бегунам достичь намеченных целей.

Купить сертификат. Special conditions Check if you are a war veteran or have an officially confirmed disability. Results Result timing will be measured with ChronoTrack timing system. Чтобы стать официальным пейсмейкером Бегового сообщества, заполните заявку на сайте, пройдите обучение и стажировку с опытной командой.

Что вы получите? Supported by. Please do not hesitate to contact any medical personnel if you are having difficulties — we appreciate you doing so. We will disinfect the surfaces every 2 hours. Last Name.

We recommend that you keep a distance of 1. Итоги и наградные документы выгружены в личные кабинеты организаторов. We will include a face mask in the participant package. However, at the moment specialized treatment using insertion of high tech prosthesis allows children to keep their limbs and return to normal life. We will require staff and volunteers to wear masks, gloves and face screens. Certificates will not be returned to the participants.

The finish area is a long secure area with no public access.

Рады приветсвовать Вас в нашем Интернет магазине Марафон, marafon-shoes.com.

Online registration may be closed earlier if the entry limit is reached. Sunday, 26 September. Подарочный сертификат.

The power of attorney does not entitle the authorized person to participate in the race with your number. Подарочный сертификат. Getting there Start area is located near the Central alley of Luzhniki Olympic complex. First Name.

The captain should pick up participant packets bib numbers for the whole team.

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Ноябрь - итоги опубликованы. The biggest lines to toilets form at least 30 min before the start. At the finish line we will distribute bottled water, fruits in a bag and a medal in your hands.

Мы будем оценивать кандидатов прежде всего по способности бежать с заданным темпом. Rules of the promotion. Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to running in competition. Принять участие Узнать подробнее.

The Moscow Marathon offers a unique opportunity to run We will not allow people with temperature above 37 degrees or signs of respiratory infections to enter the pavilion. Start The corporate relay race will start at How to register for